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We made Rabbit Runner game with your privacy in mind, so we DO NOT collect personally identifiable information aloja tube casino slots free about you. In other words, we do not collect information such as your name, address, phone number, email address or precise geographic location.
Explanations for some permission requests:
In my application, I request some sensitive permissions to make functions of application work properly:
I use this permission to listen incoming call to unlock screen & lock screen when call is finished. The permissions will be used to display the unread messages & missed calls on the lock screen. Users can easily access certain information. For example, with the permission, users can read the text messages quickly which will save their time & unnecessary clicks. With the permission, we can save your screenshot file in the SD card, it will be convenient for users to read & share the screen shots. With the permission, we will read the call availability (available, ringing & hang up). We can provide the incoming call automatic unlock phone feature for users:

1.Enable the floating window
2.Unlock when the alarm is ON
3.Vibrate when the phone is unlocked
4.Expand/collapse status bar
5.View Wi-Fi connections
6.Add to notification center

We DO NOT collect, store or use aloja tube casino slots free any personal information while you visit, download, or upgrade our website or our products, except the personal information that you submit to us when you create an user account or send any error report.
In the following circumstances, we can disclose your personal information according to your wish or regulation by law:

1.Your prior permission.
2.By the applicable law within or outside your country of residence, legal process, litigation requests.
3.By requests from public & governmental authorities.
4.To protect our legal rights & interests.

Thank You

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